Grief does not change you ... It reveals you
-The Fault in Our Stars

Life brings a myriad of complex experiences and obstacles to us almost daily. One of those encounters is grief. Momentary, delayed, anticipatory, chronic or however else you want to categorize it, grief exists and is a daily reality for so many of us. If not all of us. It can cripple us, bring us to our knees, or we may not even have awareness to it being there at all. Grief is a part of life. This doesn't mean sadness, it means the broad spectrum of emotions that come with grief. 

Throughout this page you will find healing practices, lifestyle tips and recommendations for how to move gracefully with grief or any other trauma life brings. Not through grief, with it. You will learn who you truly are at the core, discover your life's most precious values and desires. All while nourishing yourself along the way, and you might even have some fun too!