Public Class Schedule

Mon | Evening Corporate Yoga

Tues | Noon Corporate Yoga + 6:35pm Vinyasa Flow, Palo Alto YMCA

Wed | 12pm Vinyasa Flow, Planet Granite Belmont + Evening Corporate Yoga

Thurs | Afternoon Corporate Yoga

Fri | 8:30am Yoga Sculpt, OFJCC

Sat | 8:30am Vinyasa Flow, Planet Granite Belmont




I discovered yoga in 2008 with a home DVD ...

At that time, I knew yoga studios were around, yet I didn't even think of stepping foot in one.  It seemed expensive and unnecessary because I thought yoga was mostly good for stretching.  And couldn't I just do that on my own?!  Running took up the majority of my "fitness" time.  After a few years, running started to have it's drawbacks for me.  I wasn't loving it anymore, and I felt like I had to keep pushing myself to do it.  I drove by a yoga studio every day and in 2010 decided to do their new student special, one month of unlimited yoga for $30 (you won't see that these days anywhere!).  After my very first class, something shifted, I felt awakened, enlivened, my soul was stirring.  I knew from that moment on that yoga would be an integral part of my life and I would be teaching yoga too!

Fast forward to now, and so much has changed for me in my relationship with yoga.  It's difficult to quantify into words what this somatic yet spiritual practice can do when treated with respect and reverence.  Yoga is a practice, a lifestyle, a moving meditation, an emotional experience, a school for life, yoga can be anything and everything. 

I love the quote by Jigar Gor: 

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down.