What I eat for Breakfast!!

I get this question all the time:  "What DO you eat??" 

When I respond "Seeds, fruit, veggies, roots, seed like grains, more veggies, and more fruit!" I usually get a few responses like "You must always be hungry" or "That does not sound very good!" 

Well it is good and I'm not hungry!  I love food and I eat all the time, probably too much.  This is a social convention that we have adopted as a society, and we really need much, much less food than we actually eat.  I would say that 90% of eating is to feed the "mental and emotional" body, the little kid inside of us who still wants sweets, the crying teenager who has a broken heart and wants comfort food, you get the idea.   

Okay, that could be a week long blog session, so back to what I eat for breakfast!  Here are two very simple, very satisfying and easy breakfasts that I enjoy. 

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