What I Eat In A Day

I get asked this every now and then. Mostly it’s from folks who want to transition to a whole foods, plant based way of eating and it just feels so daunting and overwhelming. It took me a few years to really hone in on how I eat, and even then, it is ever changing and ever evolving. So, go easy on yourself, take it meal by meal, day by day and week by week. Find what you love and then just experiment and add from there! You might get some ideas here, and I hope they help you out when you might be stuck in a rut. That happens to me a lot, so I often head to Instagram and search hashtags or search my favorite IGers who share their amazing recipes. Pinterest in another great one too. You are not alone, there are countless resources out there to support you on your way!

This is what a typical day looks like for me, and some days are anything but typical. I try to stick to this “formula” as best as I can, and if I don’t, tomorrow is another day!


You can find my morning routine explained HERE in a previous blog post, so I won’t go over it in full details.

Usually, I have mono fruit (as in one type of fruit) or a combination of 2-3 fruits for breakfast. This is after my celery juice. I never used to eat fruit for breakfast, and now it’s all my body wants, and it has been that way for almost 2 years! Ever since I discovered Medical Medium, I have embraced fruit wholeheartedly. You can read what he has to say about fruit HERE. Fruit is your friend!

After about 2 hours, I’ll have my Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, and I’ve posted about that too, so you can find that HERE.

Sometimes, I’ll have a quick snack like a banana, or an adrenal snack like the snack combinations you can find HERE (my favorite is apple, date, celery) but usually I’m not eating again until lunch. It all depends on the day, but I always have fruit with me just in case!


My lunch is really varied! It depends on 1-how much time I have to make lunch, 2-if I have dinner leftovers hanging around and 3-what the rest of my day looks like. Sometimes I work out after I teach mid morning, so I don’t eat lunch until after I’ve done a workout. This means I may not eat until 2pm. Other days, I don’t eat until around 4pm because I teach a later class and won’t be getting home eating dinner until around 8:30pm. Gasp, but that’s so late!! Well, that why I eat fruit for breakfast and don’t usually eat an actual meal until somewhere between 12:30-2:00pm each day.

If I have time, I like a huge loaded salad. It takes me like an hour to eat it, and I love that! It also takes a while to prep and to clean up, so this is more of a luxury :) I’ll add filling foods like potatoes, sometimes a whole avocado, or lots of veggies, and maybe some quinoa. I like a variety of steamed and raw veggies in my salad. I top my salad with sunflower seeds, or hemp seeds, and usually tons of dulse! It’s a meal for sure.

I’ll often make veggie wraps too, either using coconut wraps or coconut flour tortillas, or raw nori. If I use nori, it’s often sushi themed and so yummy.

If I eat lunch earlier, I’ll have another smoothie, an adrenal snack, or let’s face it, sometimes a heaping spoonful of almond butter with some vegan chocolate chips. I’m normal and I love treats too!


Because of my varied schedule teaching yoga at different times of the day, dinner is kind of all over the place. I’ve done a pretty good job at making more of a routine about it, but it’s still kind of chaotic. And I’m ok with that, for the most part. It means I have to be really honest with my time in the day, and prep dinner BEFORE I go to teach. This helps me keep my day in a little bit more order, and keeps me from doing mindless activities all the time. Yeah I get stuck on my phone every so often, but not at the expense of not being able to have dinner!

So, what do I make for dinner?

On busy nights, I make a soup or some kind of stew/chili in the Instant Pot. I got mine 2 years ago on black Friday from Amazon and it has been a LIFESAVER! I would have paid double and it still would have been completely worth it. If you are limited on time for food prep, do yourself a favor and get one of these! My soups are all veggie with lots of roots, hearty veggies like peas and green beans, or cauliflower, and sometimes I use a veggie broth or sometimes not at all. My secret ingredient is celery root, they make a soup so delicious in my opinion! I also love to add sunchokes when I can find them. I’ll make curry stews, or a chili. Super easy, I can time it to be done cooking the minute I get home, and we can just eat and the mess is already cleaned up. And there are usually leftovers for at least another day.

On other nights, I’ll make potatoes with steamed veggies, have another type of salad (especially if lunch was leftover), we’ll make tacos, stir frys, pesto veggies with brown rice pasta, and sometimes we’ll grill veggies and have them with quinoa or rice. This is just a random sampling, as I make a lot of food, and I should probably start keeping track better! One of my favorite go to meals is to make a cashew nacho cheeze sauce, bake potatoes, steam broccoli and cauliflower, and top all the food with the cheeze sauce. It’s comforting, filling, and pretty healthy! And the cheeze sauce lasts for a few days.

Remember, you are not alone. Google for recipe ideas. Check Instagram, and follow mine too!!

I don’t make dessert very often, if at all. I find it time consuming, and I can just grab a few dates, or make a quick avocado chocolate mousse and be totally satisfied. If I do make dessert, I gorge myself on it. I can polish down half of a baking pan (8x8) of black bean brownies in one night. So I don’t need to do that to myself, I don’t feel good when I do it, and I am totally fine if I don’t make anything like that!

I didn’t go over snacks too much, and that’s because I don’t snack very often. I’ll have fruit, veggies and hummus or veggies dipped in guac, a smoothie, or something really simple. One of my favorite quick snacks is sweet potato “toast” of sweet potato sliced thin and broiled on both sides, then you can top it with almond butter and banana, or avocado, sprouts and hemp seeds, and a little dulse. It’s super good, and I’ll broil a bunch of sweet potatoes at once to have enough for a few days. When I eat like this, I don’t even need bread!

I hope you have found this helpful, have a few new ideas, and mostly, I hope I have helped you to feel empowered, to know that your food choices and your health is in your hands! Let your food be your medicine!