Essential Oils-Part 3

I use essential oils every day, and I’d like to share with you the typical ways that I use them. Oils are easy to incorporate, just grab one and use it! I’ve started to just grab an oil when I have an issue that I want to support. For example, when writing this blog post right now, I can use some peppermint or citrus oil for mental clarity and uplift. Or I have several blends like Focus, Crystal Clear, and Envision, that will help me stay focused, on task and in the present moment. You can use an oil for almost everything (unless it’s something you need a doctor for, or a repair man, or a chore. An oil will not fix the dents in your car, remove the toy that has been shoved in to the toilet, or clean the cat litter box!)

Here I present to you, my favorite ways to use essential oils.

Topical Application

Oils are so easy to use topically!! My one piece of advice, is to test the oil on your skin. I use a lot of oils neat (without a carrier oil). This is up to you, if you will use an oil this way or blended with a carrier oil. The oils I do use with a carrier oil are peppermint, tea trea, and anytime I’m making a blend where the carrier oil is part of the blend and it enhances the synergy of the oils. For example, I’d make a blend with black pepper, lemongrass and cypress, and blend it with St. John’s Wort carrier oil (I’ve only found it HERE from Primavera) to help with pain and inflammation.

A good place to put oils in on the bottoms of your feet. Essential oils rush into the system immediately, and the dna of the plants syncs with our systems very well. Even if you don’t put the oil where you think it needs to be, the oil intuitively can be guided, by your body, to where it needs to go. You may not believe me and that’s fine! Putting oils on the bottoms of your feet is a safe place where less irritation will occur, and if you are not sensitive to the oil, you generally won’t need a carrier oil when applying this way. Always test, don’t take my advice without doing your own experimenting to see if this works for you.


My second favorite way, and sometimes favorite way, to use essential oils! Diffusing can make your entire space smell amazing and create an atmosphere that feels clean, fresh, healthy and full of life! I don’t really have a favorite oil to diffuse, because I’m basically diffusing them non stop, all the time! I like to diffuse single oils, blends that I create, and an oil that is already blended. Actually, I do have to say that I diffuse eucalyptus the most. It smells so fresh, is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, and helps to oxygenate the air. We live by a busy street with a lot of air pollution from cars always going by, so this oil keeps the air in my home clean.

There are a few types of diffusers. I used to use a nebulizing diffuser, which requires no water, no heat and pressurizes the oil to release it. This worked well and I used it for a few years, and then it became really sticky, gunked up and was impossible to clean. Eventually it broke, that was after about 5 years of use, so I feel like I got my use out of it! I moved on to ultrasonic diffusers, which take cold water, about 8-14 drops of essential oil, and create a mist to dispense the oil into the air. The ultrasonic waves break up the molecules of the oil to create even distribution. There are other types of diffusers but I have not used them so I can’t really comment on them! I would say ultrasonic are the most popular because they are more affordable, and nebulizers are also popular, but more expensive, and not as widely known about.

As far as safety diffusing oils, I have not come across any safety issues using any of the oils that I love to diffuse. Some people say pets are sensitive to certain oils, especially eucalyptus, but I have never had a problem and my cats are 13 and 11 years old and have been around oils for 8 years! There are some oils that might be very harsh for children, someone who is very sensitive, or pregnancy, so always do your research. It’s best to test an oil on yourself first before deciding to diffuse it.

Currently I am using two ultrasonic diffusers from Young Living. I have one that came in my premium starter kit when I started my wholesale account with Young Living (which is available to anyone by the way!) and I received the Desert Mist diffuser from my friend who ran a contest, and I won! The Desert Mist is my favorite of the two for sure. It has 3 settings, and I can run it all day using 10 drops of oils and I smell the oil the entire time. Some diffusers are less effective at dispersing the oil, and you will smell a lot for the first hour, and then after that it seems like it’s just pumping out a mist of water.

You can find Young Living diffusers HERE

Goddess of Spring also has a variety of diffusers on their website (they are the company in Montana where I get my oils from Europe from) and you can find those HERE. Use this code “AJWELLNESS” at checkout for a 10% discount, ANYTIME you order!

Taking Oils Internally

I have done this and have had a lot of success with it. It can be quite a controversial topic, so I leave this one up to you, to research and decide if it’s right for you. I do not encapsulate oils, I’ll put a drop or two in water and drink it, or I put a drop on my hand and lick it off. I do this with yarrow for blood building, with oils like eucalyptus and ravensara during times when I want to up my immunity, and with oils like fennel, sage or a digestive blend for digestion.

I hope if you haven’t started with oils yet, you get started soon! They are so fun and such an awesome way to support your health and wellness. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you when you start to use them. If anything, just start smelling them, because once you smell pure essential oils, you’ll want to use them everywhere and all the time!