My Morning Routine

Ah, the ever elusive morning routine. One that I have wanted to have locked down for years. One that I imagine more than I actually do it. I listen to others explain their morning routines and I am envious of their perfect morning full of gratitude, journal writing, meditation practicing and maybe even a lovely sunrise walk. I have spent years obsessing over what I want to do in the morning, obsessing so much that I don’t actually do it. Sound familiar?

I think there is a myth that comes with a morning routine, and the myth is that you can wake up and perfectly execute it, and by the time you walk out the door you have already owned the day and you feel like a boss. The reason this is a myth is because the morning routine is not special in and of itself, it is a LIFE ROUTINE. What you do the day before, the night before, informs your morning activities as well. And I think this is the missing key element when discussing a morning routine. It’s not going to happen magically. Your morning will go smoothly if you set yourself up for it, the night before, the day before, even the morning before. And your morning may not go smoothly, a lot of the times. That doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong, that’s life!

I would love to tell you that I wake up before sunrise, meditate with my spirit guides, do an hour of yoga, make some juice, go on a walk, journal and blog and make a video for YouTube, oh and then get my workout in, have a plant based protein shake, take a shower, and walk out the door owning the day by 8am. But you know what, I would be EXHAUSTED by noon if I did all of that! In all seriousness though, I do wish I got up earlier and did some yoga, meditation and journaling before my day needs to really get moving. Sometimes I do. And when I do, I’m happy about it. When I don’t, I just go on with the day. And maybe I meditate mid day or journal that evening. Does it really matter WHEN you are doing it? If you are happy about it, when you get to it, that’s all that matters.

I do have somewhat or a morning routine. If I get to it. If the dishes from the night before are done. If I don’t have to clean up cat puke that I almost stepped in when walking to the bathroom first thing in the morning. And if I don’t sleep in. Because sometimes we just need sleep too!

So, when I have a routine, here’s what it consists of:

First thing when I get up is I drink water, and then I’ll go to the kitchen and make some lemon or lime water and have that too. I have a lemon tree so I am extremely privileged in this regard. I don’t deny that.

Either before or after my lemon water, I’ll take my vitamin B12. I’d love to say more about B12, but just know that EVERYONE needs B12, not just vegans. We are all deficient in this bacteria that grows in the soil and in our gut. I like Global Healing or Vimergy B12 the best. It’s best to take on an empty stomach so that’s why I have it first thing.

IF I have time, I’ll roll out my mat (or just get on my area rug to be quite honest, cat hair and all) and do about 5-10 minutes or stretching or super light yoga.

After that, I’ll make my juice. A few days a week it’s straight up celery juice. A few other days a week it’s whatever I have that I want to make juice out of. I really like cucumber, celery and apple. It’s a very healing juice, as well as just cucumber or just celery. And some days I’ll do a kale, cilantro, lime, pineapple, cucumber juice. If you have not had freshly juiced pineapple, you are missing out. It is so frothy and creamy and delicious! I drink the juice and clean up from it right away, that way I can use the blender again to make a smoothie!

Even if I don’t juice, I almost always make a smoothie, specifically the heavy metal detox smoothie. You can go to my blog post about that smoothie here. I make 2 servings, one for me and one for hubbs.

THEN if I have time, I’ll meditate, do some more yoga, etc. Sometimes I’ll make my lunch and take it with me because it’s a busy day. Sometimes I’ll take a shower. I know how that sounds. If I teach a fitness class first thing in the a.m., I don’t shower until after. I’ll even catch up on emails if I have time in the morning. Or yes, of course, I’m human with a dopamine addiction, so sometimes I’ll get on social media for a bit in the morning.

If I eat before I go teach my morning class, I’ll have fruit like papaya, pineapple, mango or banana. I like to stick to mono fruit first thing in the morning, or I’ll have 2 fruits, like papaya and mango. I rarely eat anything else for breakfast, and then after I teach my class in the mornings, I’ll have my smoothie.

So that’s it!

No magic, no secret sauce. If you want a rockin morning routine, set yourself up for success the night before. If you want to feel good about your morning routine and not stress, do what works and know that you’ll be able to have another change at it again the next day. Just don’t forget to take your B12 on an empty stomach ;)