Starting a Home Yoga Practice-Part 2

Ok, so you have your props, now it’s time to set up your space!

I fully acknowledge that this may be the most challenging part of having a home yoga practice. Not everyone has space. If you do, consider yourself very lucky and please use it! You only need space big enough for your yoga mat and some small amount of room around it. Living room, bedroom, maybe even dining area if you move the kitchen table aside, or if your hallway is big enough that will work too! Get creative if you need to, moving furniture around and then putting it back after you practice. The only place I wouldn’t recommend is your bathroom, unless you have a massive bathroom and the floor is nice, than go for it!

Speaking of flooring, this is another tricky area. If your home is fully carpeted, do you have a space that you can use that’s not carpet, like an outside deck? Weather pending of course. Wood floor is best and linoleum is better than carpet if possible. The thinner the carpet, the better, but most homes have plush carpet. I’m talking the industrial, office type carpet. If you have to practice on carpet, that’s the best kind if available. My yoga area is a really thin area rug on top of linoleum. It works pretty well. You can also put one of those grass beach mats on top of your carpet to create a more sturdy space, and then the yoga mat on top of that. The reason you want a stable, non squishy surface is to protect your wrists and to allow for an easier time to balance when you are standing.

Our above garage loft doubles as my yoga space and my husband’s hobby area. Living in a tiny house (not an actual tiny house, just a really small cottage) is challenging so we utilize this space as our zen den/man cave. I'm grateful to even have a space to practice at home! I prefer it out here where there are no distractions. No laundry, no food, no electronics, no to do lists nagging me, and although I love them, no cats crawling all over me!

To adorn your yoga space, you can use anything you want! If you have a dedicated space and it will not be used for anything else, take the time to set up a little altar if that suits you. Or you can just decorate your little space, even if it’s just a corner, in any way you like!

Here are some suggestions for fun items to bring in to your yoga space:

  • yoga props

  • yoga mat

  • blanket

  • incense

  • essential oils

  • palo santo or sage

  • bell, singing bowl or chime

  • crystals/gemstones

  • good luck charm

  • candles

  • angel cards/tarot cards

  • himalayan salt lamp

  • plants

  • framed pictures

  • items you’ve gathered from the earth, like sand, shells, sea glass, leaves, flowers

  • pillows

  • journal

  • anything else that suits you!!


Some items I like to have in my yoga space. I’ll often meditate after I practice and then journal for a few minutes as well. Sometimes I’ll pull an angel card and meditate and journal on the cards I draw.


One of my favorite oils to use when I practice! Primavera oils come from Germany and I get them from my holistic school in Montana. Use the code “ajwellness” at for 10% off!

Your practice is personal and your space is a personal reflection of you and your practice.

One thing to leave out of your yoga space … TECHNOLOGY! If you can, have your phone across the room or in another room. Leave your computer and tablet behind. Use an actual clock, analog or digital, to tell time if you need to keep track of the time. Another option, if you do not have a clock, is to set a soft chime on your phone as an alarm to notify you of when you should be wrapping up your practice. If you do that, leave your phone across the room. Insight Timer is a nice app that has a soft chime or bell you can use on a timer. Or your phone might make a soft alarm sound that is soothing and easy to listen to.

I can’t wait for you to set up your yoga space. Remember, all you REALLY need is a mat. And even then, if you have a nice floor that isn’t slippery, you don’t completely need a mat either. You can practice on whatever suits you. If it’s available, taking time to set up a small area where you can dedicate the space and your time in that space to your practice can be a really magical experience.

Next, I’ll share how to sequence your at home yoga practice!