Starting a Home Yoga Practice-Part 1

So, you want to do yoga at home, and you’re ready to get started! Having a home practice is awesome because it’s available almost anywhere, at any time. It can be so peaceful and freeing to get on your mat and move your body in a way that feels good to you in the moment. And it’s fun to just flow with your breath and see what happens. You are, after all, your own teacher. Even if you don’t know it yet :)

What You’ll Need To Get Started


Technically, you don’t need anything to start a home yoga practice, except for you! If you are breathing with intention, connecting to your breath and moving your body in sequence with the breath, this is the start to yoga asana. You can do this in child’s pose, and there’s your home practice! But I’m guessing you probably want to do a little bit more than child’s pose. So if you’d like to support yourself and set your home practice up for success, prop it up!

Props are amazing, think of them as your yoga best friends. They can help you deepen your practice and help you approach postures in a new, safe, and effective way.

What kind of props will you need? Well like I said, you don’t need anything technically to start yoga. But a mat helps, a lot! A mat will provide a sticky, stable surface, as long as it is on flat ground. I recommend Jade, Manduka or PrAna mats. They are made of eco-friendly materials, are all ethical companies, and they will last you a LONG time. Plan to spend about $60-100 on a yoga mat, and make sure it’s a good one, because it will last you 5+ years. That’s not very much if you consider how often you will use it and how long it will last! Make sure to feel for the right stickiness, thickness of mat, and make sure it’s the right size! A standard mat will not work for someone who is 6’5”. Do your research, please don’t just blindly buy a mat online! Go to a store that has mats on display so that you can test them out. Again, try to go for Jade, Manduka or PrAna if you can!

You will also benefit from blocks. Blocks are great friends to have around when the floor does not want to come close to you! When you need to reach, place a block under your hand and you’ll feel secure and aligned. You can get yoga blocks just about anywhere. Make sure they are not too soft because this will hurt your wrist, as their is potential to overflex. Also, check the measurements. You want blocks that are 4 inches wide. There are 3 inch blocks out there and I have no idea why because they are not sturdy enough. You can plan to spend anywhere from $5-20 each on a block. If you really want steady, secure blocks, they will cost about $20 each. They are worth it! Your safety is worth it. You don’t want to be stingy when it comes to have comfortable yoga props that will last you for years to come.

These two stapes, a mat and 2 blocks, will really take you far. You can also get a few more props if you’d like to enhance your practice or if you will be practicing at home a lot.

A strap is a nice option for forward folds and for certain standing balances, as well as other creative ways you can use a strap once you figure it out! They usually come in 6’, 8’ and 10’ lengths. Most people can benefit from an 8’ long strap. Please don’t get a 6’ long strap if you are tall, it will be too short! Pay attention to measurements when you are buying a strap, especially if it’s online. If you are in doubt, get the longer strap. It won’t hurt to have extra length, but you’ll be sad if your strap is too short!

You can also get a bolster if you plan to do some restorative yoga at home, or if you really want to relax and chill out during savasana. Bolsters are usually universal in size, but you might want to get a small bolster if you are petite, or a larger bolster if you are tall. Again, pay attention to the dimensions if you buy one online. They aren’t small so you’ll need an area to store the bolster.

So there you have it, set up your props and you’ll be on your way to a home yoga practice.

Next I’ll share where to set up your practice and how to sequence your home practice!

Until then, happy prop finding!