Salute the Sun with Surya Namaskar!

Although we are coming in to fall, it sure doesn’t feel like it! The sun is still warm and glowing, although it is not as high in the sky. Even on the shortest days, the sun still rises and sets. Sun salutations, called surya namaskar, are a foundation to vinyasa yoga asana. So why salute the sun?

Anciently, thousands of years ago, the yogis believed that yoga asana (the physical postures) connected us to the natural world. Our solar plexus, the chakra above the naval center, is said to be the seat of our intuition, where you can sometimes have a “gut feeling”. The ancient yogis believed that saluting the sun activated the solar plexus chakra, which can lead to heightened intuition and sharp mental clarity.

Sun salutations are best done in the early morning, and they can be a complete yoga practice if you’d like. Surya namaskar can be your new cup of coffee! Waking up to a yoga practice, even for 5 minutes, can be energizing and set the stage for a productive, enjoyable morning. You can do sun salutations anytime, there’s no hard and fast rule. Traditionally they are for the morning, but your practice is your’s, so make it your own!

Get your blood and lymphatic system circulating, boost your energy, stretch your muscles, strengthen your vitality and deepen your breath with a few rounds of surya namaskar!