The Concept of Bio-Individuality ... part 1

Although we are all humans and have the same bodies inside and out, no two people are carbon copies of each other.  Even twins.  This is common knowledge, every single person has their own uniqueness, down the their fingerprints and DNA.  We all need food, water, loving relationships, a comfortable place to live, and clothes on our back.  But we do not need the same clothes, we do not need the same relationships, nor do we all need identical places to live.  This concept translates to food as well.  There is no one size fits all, everyone should eat this, perfect way to eat that transcends humanity.  It's just not possible.  

It's called Bio-Individuality.

Good for me, bad for you

If you live in the middle of Canada, eating a raw food diet consisting of a lot of tropical fruits and vegetables grown in Mexico does not make a whole lot of sense.  If you live in Costa Rica, and eat a diet heavy in starches like potatoes, corn, legumes and grains, that doesn't make sense either.  We should strive to eat foods that grow around us, or that would when the temperature and conditions allow.  We may be drawn to foods of our ancestral heritage too, even if geographically we don't live in that area anymore.  I LOVE beets, potatoes and dill ... very Eastern European.  Even though I don't live there, it speaks to my soul when I eat that type of food.  We are affected by our ancestry, climate and geographical region where we live, even the air quality around us can effect what food is good for us, and what food will actually be detrimental to our health.

Those who have weak kidneys may want to stay away from spinach and citrus.  Those who have weak joints may want to stay clear from nightshades, while someone else might say they feel amazing every time they eat a tomato or an eggplant.  This is Bio-Individuality.  Eat what suits you, listen to your body and pay attention to the signs that it gives you, and forget what everyone else is doing ... to an extent.

There are some basic concepts that we can all live by, no matter if we eat raw, high carb, high protein, choose follow the newest fad diet, etc.

Bio-Individuality Concept:  Acid vs Alkaline



Our body wants to be in an alkalized state.  Foods that are acidic cause the precious mineral reserve in our bones to leech out and replace nutrients that we are not receiving through food. An acidic diet weakens the body.  High acid food is anything processed, wheat, sugar, dairy, corn, rice, soda, coffee, alcohol, and anything with food dye and preservatives.  If it's in a box, bag, or can, its acidic.  On the flip side, high alkaline foods allow the body to be at an optimal state.  Alkaline foods include vegetables/greens and fruit, most roots, herbs, almonds (the only alkaline nut), seeds, grain like seeds (buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth), sea vegetables and alkaline water.  Most herbal teas are alkaline as well.  Some foods are in the middle like legumes and nuts.  They might be slightly more tipped to acid or slightly more tipped to alkaline.

Aim to eat 80% alkaline foods.  One really easy way to do this is eat more vegetables!!  I highly recommend Donna Gates "The Body Ecology" for more information on eating on the alkaline scale.  The benefits of alkalizing the body is vitality, health, and wellness.  Less sickness, more energy, less pain, better moving lymph system and a healthier cardiovascular and nervous system.


Want to learn more about how to eat true to YOU??  Stay tuned for part 2 next week :)