The {Simple} Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are the latest fad in the health community, and have been for almost 10 years.  What started with the all fruit smoothie years ago has transformed in to a household buzz word.  At least one person you know is probably consuming one every day, maybe even you!

Green smoothies are a fantastic way to get whole, raw veggies and fruit in to your diet.  The more raw food we can eat the better, as it is what we are made to digest.  Raw food has undisturbed vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that are perfect for well balanced health. 



However, the issue that I've found with green smoothies is that they have way TOO MANY ingredients!  Digestion actually begins with what our eyes see, and the saliva starts sending a message to the stomach, pancreas and intestines for what it will be ingesting soon.  When a smoothie has 10 + ingredients, the body has no way of being able to produce the correct enzymes for optimum digestion.  The pancreas has the ability to produce over 15 individual digestive enzymes based on what the body is ingesting (but it should not produce them all at once!).  It's obvious to see that a blended drink with many, many ingredients will confuse the pancreas and cause the body to not be able to take up all the nutrients in the smoothie. 

It's just too much!!

Recently I watched a video on YouTube showing a famous supermodel and what she puts in her morning super smoothie.  It has no less than 8 ingredients, including maca, cacao powder, goji berries, almonds, chia seeds, acai berries, spirulina, vegan protein powder, coconut milk and coconut water.  YIKES!!  That is way too much for the body to handle at one time.  Superfoods should be consumed one, maybe two at a time, and very sparingly because they are SUPER and the body does not need a lot of them to do amazing things.  One small handful of goji berries a day is all you need, or a tsp of spirulina added to your SIMPLE green smoothie, that's it!

Okay, so how to simplify things ... I used to make green smoothies with probably 5-10 ingredients.  I was adding kale, chard, spinach, lemon, banana, frozen berries, frozen mango, pineapple, etc.  Again, just too much!!  Food combining is a whole other topic, but fruits and veggies aren't meant to be combined in abundance like this.  Fruit should be consumed first or on it's own.  Greens and veggies can be consumed with grains or starches or other veggies, but not really fruit.  So, by making a fruit and veggie smoothie, even a simple one, it's already defying the laws of food combining.  But no worries, everything is open for interpretation as I like to say!

Here is a simple solution:  1-2 fruits and 1 green, yep, that's all!

I am going to highly suggest staying away from citrus EXCEPT for limes (all other citrus is hybrid and can cause big burdens to the kidneys) and to stay away from spinach (which is also a hybrid) because of it's high contents of oxalic acid present in raw form.  Cooked spinach is different, a lot of the acid cooks out, but it is highly present in raw spinach. 

So, what to select. 

As far as greens go, kale is king!  You cannot go wrong with kale, it is highly nutritious, containing tons of vitamin K.  Here's an interesting thing about vitamin K, our bodies produce it in our saliva.  However, anyone who has had a vitamin K vaccination/injection does not have the ability to produce their own vitamin K.  The injection stops the process.  Just like when you take certain rx drugs, the body actually stops being able to produce what it should make naturally on its own.  So, in short, we need vitamin K!!   Kale also contains vitamin A, B vitamins, and is high in calcium, fiber, manganese, fights inflammation and is fantastic for cardiovascular health. 

As for fruit, I find that citrus does help take the "bite" of the greens away in the smoothie.  Lime is great (just take off the rind!) and adds a nice, fresh kick.  One more fruit is all you need, so an apple, a banana, mango, frozen berries, cantaloupe, etc. 

Make sure, as always, that everything is organic.  This is so important.

  You're consuming a smoothie to increase your health and vitality, not decrease it by eating food that is so covered in chemicals and pesticides that it makes the body more inflamed, causes more pain and more health complications in the long run.  

You will feel a lot of energy from this very simple green smoothie because your body will be able to digest it quickly! 

Here's a simple recipe:

  • Use a high speed blender (Blendtec or Vitamix) 
  • Add 8 oz. water, 1 whole peeled lime, 3-4 stalks of kale leaves-blend until smooth
  • Choose one!  Add a cut up apple, 1-2 cups of frozen berries, 1 banana, etc. 

That's it!  Enjoy :)