So ... how did you get started?

I'm not really sure I can answer that in one easy swoop.

 Actually, I know I can't.  So here's what I'll do.  My journey to wellness, holistic living, and FootZoning has really just begun, even though it started quite a few years ago.  Here's a quick timeline of what happened, to help bring on the realization that  wellness is a lifelong goal, and not a one time quick fix.  If you have questions, please comment and I'll be happy to reply!

1997ish - A Health Nut is Born

I was browsing books at Barnes and Noble (remember doing that, oh I loved it!) and I came across some sort of natural remedies book.  I picked it up and flipped to the index and looked up "asthma".  All I remember, is that when I found the page and read it, it said to avoid eating wheat and dairy because they cause excess mucus in the body.  My 16 year old self thought "Um, no pizza, nevermind ..."  But I believe that one event opened the door for me and gave me a glimpse of my future!

2007ish - Crazy B*tch

My sister-in-law lets me borrow a book called "Skinny Bitch".  She tells me that it will gross me out because it explains all the toxins, chemicals and waste products that are in meat and dairy, and the grotesque ways that they are processed.  I read it, I was disgusted, and I decided to become a vegetarian.  Although I didn't take the plunge 100%, I probably cut meat and dairy out of my diet 75%.

2008ish - Eat More Kale

A green smoothie?  That sounds good!  I'm not sure how I found out about green smoothies.  I think I was doing a lot of online research at this point after reading "Skinny Bitch" and somehow I ended up on  I went to Whole Foods in Valencia, close to where we lived, and bought kale for the first time.  I blended it with some fruit and drank it, and I liked it!  I began making green smoothies almost every day.  They were chunky (I was not wise enough to invest in a good blender then) but they gave me a great energy boost, and I was hooked!

010 - Headed Home

Hubby and I were living outside of L.A. for a few years, and in 2010 we ended up moving back to the Bay Area, where we're from.  It wasn't our first choice, it was more out of necessity, but it ended up being the best choice.  It was then that I met my FootZoning coach, and everything changed!

2010 to 2012 - Bona Fide Health Nut

I received regular FootZoning sessions.  I bought a Blendtec and started making REAL green smoothies.  I cut dairy and gluten out of my diet.  I began to eat more vegetables.  I stopped suffering from allergies.  I was able to stop taking all medication that I had previously been on (for 18 years of my life!)  I replaced my medicine cabinet with essential oils.  I fell in love with yoga.  I bought a dehydrator and the world of raw food opened up so many possibilities (cookies!!).  I spent tons of time reading, researching, and trying to figure out why "food" isn't food anymore, and the impact that "foodstuff" is having on humanity.  I became a crunchy, nutty, granola, hippie, bona fide health nut!

2012 to now - Just a Foot Rub: 

In October 2012 I began my studies as a student of FootZonology.  This will be a course that I will study for the rest of my life.  But for now, I am graduated as of April 2013 and am an official, certified FootZonologist.  You can read about FootZonology here.  In a footzoning session, the signal systems in the feet are accessed by the FootZonologist, which prompts the body, at a cellular level, to correct imbalances, rejuvenate cells, and remove toxins.  Cells are reminded of their original form to take and duty to the body that they have, and they are balanced back in to place.  Burdens on the organs are lifted, waste from the lymph is removed, and even stress and muscle tightness decreases.  But really, all of that?  Isn't it just a foot rub?? 

o ... that's my path to holistic-ville, in a nutshell

(pun intended?  you decide ... )

If you have any questions, please leave a comment!