Oh, you're one of those health nuts ...

Yeah, I guess you could say that I am.  But really, who cares?  Aren't we all "nuts" in our own weird way about things that we are passionate about in life?  What is "normal" and not nuts anyway?  I'm not sure I want to be that, because it sounds terribly boring!  What it comes down to, is I care about my health and the health of others, of my family, friends, and those I come in to contact with.  I have done my research and have found what works,  for me.  And I'm still researching and learning new information all the time.  What I find could be helpful for you as well, or you could think it's complete garbage.  But it's up to you to decide!  I'm not going to tell you what to do or how to eat.  I am simply going to present information that I have found over the years to be helpful, and you can do with it what you will!  Hopefully someone will read my findings, and it will help them too.  That's what I'm here for!

Think I'm a total quack and you're just here for entertainment?  No problem, and welcome!!  Seems like I think I'm so much better than you because I boast about how I love to eat kale,  and I obsess about health and wellness (while you sit there munching on chips and a soda)?  Doesn't matter to me what you think, read away, or not!!  Think you might want to go gluten free but there's too much hype about it, and you love bread too much to let it go?  Maybe you can find it helpful to hear of my experience, and what you choose to do with your own experience is completely up to you!!

o yes, I'm a health nut, crazy California vegan (but this vegan does NOT eat oreos!!), crunchy granola hippie chick, raw food weirdo who makes all her own "milk" and "cheese"... yep, that's me!  But really, I care about my health, so I live a healthy, holistic lifestyle.  I want to live a life free of as many illnesses as possible, and I want to be able to hike and run and jump when I'm 90 years old.  I want to remember who I am and those around me, and all I have learned throughout my life without ever forgetting.  Throughout my lifetime, I want to be able to cook for myself, think for myself, and keep up with my great-grandkids one day.  So I care about my health.  And really, is that such a bad thing?  I, for one, don't think so!!