I never realized that my life’s greatest tragedy would also be my biggest teacher, and catapult me towards my greater purpose.

How can I possibly come to say that about grief? Heart wrenching, body numbing, mind altering, agonizing, lamenting, drops you to your knees with sobs, grief?

Because as I ride the waves of grief, the veil has been pulled back from my eyes. Through the practices I’ve worked through to become friends with grief, to welcome grief in to my life with open arms as a teacher, mentor and even friend, grief has revealed that underneath the tears and sadness … is love. Pure love. Love without a riverbed to flow through. Love without a voice to sing it. Love just outside of one’s grasp.

These practices have shaped me in to who I am today. Without them I would have not been able to create rich meaning from my trauma. I would not be able to see the silver lining, and even most days, smile and truly enjoy life.

What do these practices look like? They differ for everyone. Yoga is integral as a healing practice. And yoga is just not physical postures. It involves meditation, various aspects of mindfulness, and an internal ethical code to guide you towards your true values and purpose. For some, the mental body needs more attention. Or the emotional body. Breathing practices can assist on all levels, as well as some truly somatic experiences (yes, like hitting a pillow!). Caring for the physical body through not only yoga postures and exercise, but diet as well, is critical for healing the heart and mind. A plant based lifestyle provides a solid foundation for proper nutrient assimilation, balance of mood, optimal digestion and better sleep (just to name a few benefits!).

I approach healing as a holistic journey. Your pain, your wound, your trauma, has a story that needs to be told. Often it is told not just through your mind, but your heart and your body as well. We are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. Healing occurs on all of these planes, at different times, and often with differing levels of intensity. Healing is a journey, if you will, and not a one time event or a place to arrive at. It IS your story. It IS life. And it IS worth living for.

I thank my two sons everyday for the miracle of their brief lives, and for the mother they helped me to become. Although they were not able to stay with us on Earth, they continue to teach me from beyond this realm. (read more here)

It is my heart’s deepest desire for you that you can become acquainted with your grief. That you can learn the story of your trauma from it’s depths and complexities instead of it’s surface sadness or anger. That together, we can discover the practices that will serve you in your healing, to not only be able to get out of bed everyday, but to walk through life with a smile, knowing that you have a new friend called grief, who has opened you up to a world of love you could have only imagined, if it wasn’t for your life’s story and experience.